Roberto Began programming at the age of 9. Commodore 64 was a machine that ran Basic. Having a machine that allowed him to see how programs worked it opened up a world of possibilities. He started his computer business in 2001, right after high school and has taken off ever since. His passion for computers and his ability to relate to customers is what makes him a one of a kind technician. 

    In 2006 he began to teach in harbor college, and in 2007 West LA college recruited him. Teaching classes from computer basics to seniors and Game design to children he has strengthen his ability to relate to people and help people understand complex machines like computers. 

After graduating from California State University of Long beach with Business Degree in Business administration and Information systems he quickly was grabbed by the largest telecommunications company in the united States Verizon Wireless. It was a sure fit working at their corporate headquarters in Irvine California, he quickly became the goto person for advanced tech support and dealing with customers that had been getting the run around. Sadly only 1 year latter Verizon decided to move its headquarters out of state and that was not an option. 

    Encycle, a startup energy company that helps large companies like sears, Walmart, Kmart, big Box companies save money by reducing their electrical load. He helped get the company automated with their installation process and the revamping what Salesforce could do for them. The benefits of working for a small company were not what he would have anticipated due to poor management. 

    A new venture began to take notice in Roberto, we are yet to see how this new relationship change both the company and Roberto. 

    Roberto is not the kind of person that waits for things to do, he is a self starter individual that in between his full time job teaching and his business finds time to develop his photography skills, home automation, web design, and programming skills.