What Makes us Different?

Have a problem with your computer? Give us a call and we will go to your home and fix the problem at your convenience.

Need to learn a new skill for work or for pleasure? Call us to Schedule an appointment at your convenience.

Want a website for your business, need to improve the one you have, or simply need help making sense of it all? We are here to help.

  • Our passion for computers drives us to stay on top of technology
  • Our customers Not only expect satisfaction, We make it our Ultimate Goal.
  •   Services are always done as quickly and efficiently as possible, with the at most respect.

Artistic Work:  $40 Hour
Consulting:  $65 Hour
Group Training: $150 Hour
Tutoring:  $65 Hour
Photography:  $50 Hour
Video Editing: $100 Song
Web Design:   $65 Hour
Technician: $75 Hour
Major: $130 Max Per Problem

Drone Photography and Videography 1080p and 4k
1080p Session: $750 Session
4K Session: $850 Session
Shots Included, are Fly-by, Follow, Gentle Rise, Lateral Shots, Orbit and many more.. 

Video Editing  $100 Hour 

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